Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury

Rating: PG

Release Date: July 3, 2015

Antboy returns in this explosive sequel to the original crime-fighting blockbuster movie. Picking up where he left off, Antboy finds his world thrust back into danger when a new band of super-villains arise. The Terror Twins, created by The Flea and fueled by his sinister DNA altering serum, wreak havoc on the city all whilst Red Fury, a friend turned dangerous foe, attacks Antboy and those closest to him in an attempt at revenge.



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Antboy: The Bite of the Ant

Kenneth Bøgh Andersen

A hero is born!

Pelle is an unpopular, ordinary young teen, the favorite target of the school bullies. But one day all that changes when he is given the opportunity to rise to greatness after a radioactive ant bites him, giving him superpowers and turning him into Antboy. As Pelle embraces his destiny as a superhero and fights against injustice and crime, he learns more about himself than he could ever have imagined.